iPad 2 for Photographers?

iPad 2 from Apple

One of the big criticisms of the iPad version 1 when it came out was the lack of a camera. With all the amazing photography Apps on iTunes and the amazing high resolution touch screen all that seemed missing was a good camera.

Fast forward one year and iPad 2 has been released – with 2 in built cameras!

The front camera (facing the user) is dedicated for video chatting while the rear camera is for photos, video and video chatting (to show someone what you are looking at). Unfortunately for photographers the rear camera is only 0.7 Mpixel making it fairly useless for serious photography – it’s fine for casual shots and video though. Admittedly, you would not buy the iPad 2 for taking photos but I’m guessing they will probably put a higher resolution camera in the next version. The iPhone 4 camera takes much better photos.

With the amazing screen and intuitive touch display, the iPad 2 is still a great tool for displaying and manipulating images so has its use for photographers. Apple has released a Camera Connection kit as well which will be of more use to photographers which has a SD card reader or camera connector (Compact Flash users will need to access their images through the camera connection).

Overall the iPad 2 is a nice upgrade especially at the same price point as the first generation.

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