Fireworks Photo Video Tutorial and CheatSheet


4Th of July is upon us! With it comes plenty of FIREWORKS and opportunities to get great Colorful Fireworks Photos.

One of the Biggest Challenges with photographing Fireworks is the Best results usually require shooting on Manual Mode…. yes Manual Exposure (*insert ominous music here*).

… however, with simple steps you can totally move your Camera into Manual Mode and start experimenting with your camera settings for more Creative Photos.

Night Photos, and Firework Photos specifically, are a great way to start experimenting with Manual Exposure.

To help you a little I have created this Free Video above and Fireworks Photo Cheat Sheet Below. Go through the Video and Download the Cheat Sheet (Right Click on the Image and choose “Save as…” to download a larger version).

I go a lot more into Transitioning to Manual Exposure in my EasyDSLR Blue Membership Course (CLICK HERE FOR A SPECIAL) – if you don’t already have that Digital Photography training course you may find it super useful – especially if you are wanting to get off AUTO.

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