About PhotoKen

I am a Photographer and Author of this website. SLR user for over 30 Years. Professional Wedding Photographer in Hawaii from 2006 to 2009. I recently produced an online Digital Photography Course for DSLR beginners and intermediate users. I present the basics needed to use these cameras in layman's terms. Taking the pain out of getting better photos. Feel free to send me an email or visit my EASYDSLR site (link below my photo) for some free videos. Best wishes with your photos :)

4 Great Reasons for Flower Photography

In this Quick Video I talk about 4 Great Reasons for Flower Photography. If you want to create Beautiful images that your family and friends will love then Flower Photography can help. If you watch the Video you will see that Flower Photography can lead to a wonderful range of amazing images and is a conduit or doorway to getting Professional Looking […]

17 Ways to Swing a Cat (Lightroom Presets)

After opening up Adobe Lightroom and loading up The Complete Lightroom & ACR Presets Bundle from CONTRASTLY… 2 Hours Later… … I’m still paying with all the Presets on ONE Photo of a Cat!… a lot of fun 🙂 I decided to create this DEMO Video to show you the Amazing Range of Adobe Lightroom […]

Great Series of Photos of Airplane crossing the Full Moon

We had a wonderful Full Moon rising in the East the other night. Then I remembered there is a flight path in that part of the sky with airplanes heading from LA to Portland Airport to the North and decided to try get a plane flying across the moon! I rushed out with my Canon […]

Fireworks Photo Video Tutorial and CheatSheet

  4Th of July is upon us! With it comes plenty of FIREWORKS and opportunities to get great Colorful Fireworks Photos. One of the Biggest Challenges with photographing Fireworks is the Best results usually require shooting on Manual Mode…. yes Manual Exposure (*insert ominous music here*). … however, with simple steps you can totally move […]