4 Great Reasons for Flower Photography

In this Quick Video I talk about 4 Great Reasons for Flower Photography. If you want to create Beautiful images that your family and friends will love then Flower Photography can help.

If you watch the Video you will see that Flower Photography can lead to a wonderful range of amazing images and is a conduit or doorway to getting Professional Looking Photos. You will get a bunch of concepts in this Video including a nice Overview of my Key Tool for explaining Essential Photography concepts – The Photo Triangleā„¢ – as well as a strategies for getting great Flower photos.

Just like a gift of flowers, sharing a wonderful flower photo with your loved ones is sure to bring a smile to their face and brighten their day.

The 4 Great Reasons I see for diving into Flower Photography are:

  1. Pleasing to the Eye – Plain and simple, flowers are beautiful and give feelings of hope, love, vibrancy, life, the joy of spring and so much more. The range and contrast of colors in flowers lead to wonderful shots.
  2. Very Accessible – Want a beautiful subject without shelling out hundreds hiring a model? Flowers are very easy to obtain, whether it’s stepping outside your door or buying an inexpensive bouquet at your local store. Regardless of the season flowers are not difficult to come by.
  3. Learn and Practice the Essentials – Flower photography allows you to easily learn and practice the essentials to great photos in general. From Exposure basics to Light Quality – to Composition – to Focus and more advanced Depth of Field – all these can be mastered with Flower Photography.
  4. Explore Advanced Techniques – In addition to Key Concepts needed for Pro level photos you can also try out more Advanced Photography Methods such as Macro Photography (including Focus Stacking), HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging and Advanced Composition styles.

Bottom Line is Flower Photography can take you from Basics, the Essentials, to more Creative and Professional Photos. If you have not tried Flower Photography I highly recommend giving it a go!

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