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Hi Photo Enthusiast … this is Ken

I started this Blog back in December 2010.

Why? … a bit about my journey may help explain…

I’ve been a Photo enthusiast since my youth. I got my first SLR (Single Lens Reflex) back in 1980. It was a second hand Konica. I actually received it for my birthday so I could take photos through my Telescope. It turns out my Telescope was a bit too basic. It had no way to follow stars (no equatorial mount or motor) and the adapter for my camera was a bit expensive for me (as well as fairly pointless without the proper mount). I did like the camera and started to love taking photos (my astronomy took a back seat).

Early Morning Photography!

Early Morning Photography!

Photography became somewhat of a passion – occasionally I could be seen taking photos around the backyard in my PJs!

I took my camera everywhere and loved taking photos of our pets. When I had a roll of print film developed, with some photos of our Shetland sheep dog (miniature Collie), the manager of the print shop asked to feature one of my prints on their wall – my first published photo!

Published: Shetland sheep dog

Shetland sheep dog


Much later, in university days I bought a Nikon FM2 – a fully manual exposure SLR. No autofocus and no auto exposure (but it did have an exposure meter). I finished my degree in Zoology and started study in Marine Biology – specifically Dolphin Communication. I had a lot of opportunities to take photos. I mostly used slide film and we used to take photos of the dolphin’s dorsal fins (the one on top) to identify them. I took a lot of Humpback whale photos too – we identified them by their tails.

Later, I married and moved to Hawaii where I started a wedding business with my wife. I handled the Photography and Videography packages. I started using DSLR Cameras – Canon 5D. My photography really improved – it had to – you don’t want to upset a Bride on her “one big day”. I learned a lot about Portrait Photography and the benefits of external Flash with Diffusers. Lots of “in the trenches training”! Our Photography packages, which included a Fine Art Album (which I custom designed), were very successful.

My Wedding Day!

My Wedding Day!

Fast forward to 2009 – We shut the Wedding business down at the start of 2009 (the economy was not being kind to Destination Weddings) and moved to Montana.

Yes, Hawaii to Montana in the middle of winter :) – Went shopping for lots of jackets and gloves.

A year later I started doing an online Photography business. I was getting a lot of questions about which camera to buy from family and friends and decided to create an online resource especially for beginners. I created DigitalPhotoCentral.com and a free eBook on buying a DSLR Camera.

Shortly after, I started getting more and more questions about how to use a DSLR camera. I realized there was a definite need for a Basic DSLR Course for Beginners – and Online for convenience – so I started working on EASYDSLR Digital Photography Course – if you are a little curious about my course I have some free intro videos you can watch HERE.

Take care!





Ken Schultz

Photography Coach