Canon’s new EOS T3 and T3i (1100D and 600D) DSLR cameras

Canon has upgraded the entry level Canon EOS XS (450D) and the Canon EOS T2i (550D) with two models that have have features taken from their next in line respectively.

Canon EOS T3 (1100D) frontCanon EOS T3 (1100D) back

The Canon T3 (1100D) has a 12MP sensor and upgrades the XS with features seen on higher end models. Upgrades include:

  • 9 Point AF system
  • 63 Area metering (first on the 7D)
  • Digic 4 processor
  • 720p HD video at 30 or 24fps
  • Larger LCD at 2.7inch (230k pixels)
  • Basic+ creative shooting mode
  • Slightly larger and heavier body

Some nice upgrades making the T3 (1100D) a very versatile entry level DSLR and at the current price of around $599 (released soon) with a 18-55mm kit lens is a great start for DSLR beginners.

Buy the Canon T3 (available now)

Next the Canon T3i (600D)

Canon EOS T3i (600D) frontCanon EOS T3i (600D) backCanon EOS T3i (600D) LCD open

The Canon T3i (600D) has the same 18MP sensor as the T2i (and 60D and 7D for that matter) but it has taken a few features from the 60D like the 3.0 inch swiveling (articulated) LCD screen. This places the T3i  between the T2i and 60D. Other upgrades over the T2i include:

  • Basic+ creative shooting mode
  • Scene intelligent A+ mode
  • Digital zoom at 3X to 10X (some image loss beyond 3X)
  • Creative filters (seen on 60D)
  • Video snapshot mode (takes short videos and allows you to easily edit them together with music – in camera!)
  • Slightly larger and heavier body

This really puts the T3i close behind the 60D with the major differences being the slightly better ergonomics, responsiveness and top LCD of the 60D. The Canon 60D shoots at 5.3fps vs 3.7 (T3I) and only the center AF point is cross-type on the T3i (all 9 in the 60D). Also, the 60D has a faster maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 sec (1/4000 sec on T3i) and higher flash sync speed of 1/250 sec (1/200 sec on T3i). Photographers are going to like the viewfinder a little more on the 60D it covers a fraction more of the actual photo taken (96% vs 95% on T3i) but the real noticeable difference is the 0.95X magnification vs 0.85X on T3i. This makes the view on the canon 60D look less ‘cramped’ than the T3i – nicer for framing photos for sure.

Overall the Canon 60D will be a better camera for photos while the T3i would be equal in terms of video (some may like the additional digital zoom feature on the T3i).

Not worth upgrading your T2i but definitely worth getting instead of the T2i if you haven’t bought yet. If you can stretch your budget a little the Canon 60D would be a better choice for photos.

Buy the Canon T3i

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