About PhotoKen

I am a Photographer and Author of this website. SLR user for over 30 Years. Professional Wedding Photographer in Hawaii from 2006 to 2009. I recently produced an online Digital Photography Course for DSLR beginners and intermediate users. I present the basics needed to use these cameras in layman's terms. Taking the pain out of getting better photos. Feel free to send me an email or visit my EASYDSLR site (link below my photo) for some free videos. Best wishes with your photos :)

Creative Kit XXL – Macphun’s BEST Bundle

Macphun have drawn together an amazing bundle of Software, Resources and Training in this year’s Creative Kit. I was honored that they approached me to include my EasyDSLR Blue Photography Course along with training from a handful of other highly respectable photographers. The Photo editing Software that they have included in the bundle are all […]

Photography is a Journey not a Destination

Photography has always been about enjoying the journey for me, I guess that’s why I have a camera on every trip 🙂 As part of my journey and as a way to share what I’ve learned with others I am opening up My New Digital Photography Program… It’s called Digital Photography Insiders (DPinsiders) and is […]

Bringing in the Horses – fairly High ISO

Sometimes you just need to use a higher ISO (in this case ISO 6400) to get the Shutter Speed you want… Shutter Speed was set at 1/160 sec as I wanted the horses to be fairly sharply focused (and not motion blurred). I did need to get fairly aggressive with the noise reduction in Adobe […]

Happy Mother’s Day and a Chance Capture…

Happy Mother’s Day! – this photo is dedicated to all those mother’s out there who seem to be able to ‘run on water’ with their amazing ability to manage the kids, the household, careers and hobbies all with a smile 🙂 I took this photo the other day at the creek near my house. Totally […]