Over 85% of beginners are not getting the photo knowledge they need

85 percent of beginner photographers are not finding the answers

Over 85% of Beginners are having trouble finding the answers to their Photography issues

I have been running a survey and was very interested to find that most beginners are NOT finding the answers to their photography questions. These are questions about the basics like exposure, composition, moving off AUTO, Focus, Depth of Field, what settings to use, shutter speed and generally capturing light the way they want.

This is astounding considering the amount of information on the internet. With all the Youtube videos, photography blogs, photography courses and training you would think it would be easy to get the information needed. The essentials needed to get better photos.

Over 85% found it difficult to find the right information and a whopping 39.6% found it VERY DIFFICULT.

I think what we are dealing with is INFORMATION OVERLOAD. New DSLR owners are lost in the forest of information – and they can’t see the forest for all the trees in the way. Clearly, it’s not a small problem.

In my opinion – beginners need to take a systematic photography course consisting of lessons that will build up their understanding in a predictable way. Otherwise they will be floundering around in confusion with all these concepts bouncing around in their head.

The reason I created my EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course was to cut through all this confusion and lay out the information in a systematic, structured way. My course is not a random sequence of photography concept videos – it’s a result of months of planning to optimize the understanding of photography basics. I also came up with a MAP or Overview – THE PHOTO TRIANGLE – ┬áto give a bird’s eye view of how all the essential photo concepts are connected.

Whether someone takes my course (of course, that would be nice) or another photography training course is not the point – the point is make a commitment to learn the basics in a structured way. Then moving off the AUTO mode will be easy and your photos will improve dramatically.

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