What DSLR to buy? This might help.

You may have downloaded my free DSLR buyers Guide but you are still confused as to what DSLR to buy.

You really want to hold it in your hand and test out the ergonomics – better still – take a bunch of test photos to see if it’s the camera for you.

Your local camera shop, Best Buy or Costco may not have the DSLR you are interested in. If they do; you get to play with it in “tethered” mode – Not really a great way to test it out. When you are about to drop $800 to $1700, or more, on a new camera you really want to test it out.

I came across a neat solution to the problem.

BorrowLenses.com allows you to rent gear for 3 Days up to 4 Weeks at really reasonable rates. (This is for folks living in the continental USA – there are probably good options in other countries too – if you know of any, please send me the link through our contact page.)

Thinking about a Canon 7D? – For $97 you get one for 3 Days to totally put it through it’s paces.

Professional lenses that are in excess of $1000 are also worth testing out – like the awesome Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS II – to buy it’s $2599 (my favorite lens so worth every cent to me) – but you can try it out, or even use it for a 3 Day shoot, for only $65 – I can see the joy in that!

Check out their range – BorrowLenses.com – plenty to play with!

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