Canon 60D HD Video test on Custom Slider – UPDATED

Still loving my Canon 60D – the video quality is impressive.
I did some HD video test shots with 720P@60fps on a custom slider.
Adding smooth movement definitely adds a professional look to your DSLR video.
You can pay upwards of $1000 for good camera sliders but you can get fairly good movement with cheaper and DIY versions.
I created my custom slider using rails from a storage rack and some rollerblade bearings but after wards found some better options on


I have updated this post (29 July 2011) after receiving an inexpensive Dry-lin style slider.

These are sliders that are aluminum with a carriage that has some kind of felt or nylon pads that slide on the rails.

They don’t have ball or linear bearings of any sort.

I recieved one of these for below $200 and to be honest I was not happy with the quality and performance. My version came with marked and scratched rails but even the smooth parts did not glide as smooth as my home-made version. Consequently, I’m removing my previous recommendations.

I only recommend products I am happy with.

I feel that to get a really professional look you need a slider with bearings.

My new recommendations are as follows

KONOVA K Slider 3080 NA-8 – this is the 0.84m (33 inches) version- this is the most portable version.

KONOVA K Slider 3100 NA-10 – 1.04m (41 inches) for an extra $50

KONOVA K Slider 3120 NA-12 – 1.24m (just under 49 inches) for an extra $80 (over 0.84m version)

I have purchased the KONOVA K Slider 3080 as I really want something I can travel with and I will post a review once I get a chance to put it though it’s paces.

If you want to go to the next level up the best option would be:

Cinevate Inc Atlas 10 LTS DSLR Slider with 66cm (26 inches) rail

The Cinevate slider will cost you a little under $600.

More than the Konova sliders but it is immaculately machined and has upgrade options like all terrain feet and vertical counter balance system.

After these, you are looking at over $1000 for decent sliders – be prepared to pay a lot more if you want features like remote driven systems.

Kessler has some of the best systems in this price range ( like the Philip Bloom Signature Dolly.

HD video using DSLR cameras has more of a film-like look than HD video cameras. It is revolutionizing the Indy film industry. Adding a Slider to your kit can increase the production value of your shots tremendously. I’m talking ‘home movie’ level to actual paying gigs (Wedding event Videographers are definitely embracing DSLR cameras and sliders).

I will have a module introducing DSLR video in my upcoming DSLR training course.

If you don’t have a DSLR yet get my free Buyer’s guide.

Also check out my posts about the new Nikon D5100 and

the new Canon T3 and T3i cameras.



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