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The Florabella Collection has some of the most amazing sets of Actions for Photoshop (CS2 – CS5) or Photoshop Elements (6-10) that I have come across. You could spend hours of fun trying out the different presets. That’s before going onto the powerful ‘tweaking’ options.

I recommend:

  1. Classic Workflow + Hazy Skies
  2. LUXE

The Classic Workflow has Classic Film which will be one of your most used action (I find I start with that one first to see if it’s a good starting point then add tones and other effects on top). You may prefer LUXE II, but I found I liked the LUXE original collection better.

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Click here to visit Florabella Collection

If you don’t have Photoshop (Mac version or PC version) you can get Photoshop Elements for a really reasonable price right now – click here.

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