What is a Wide Angle Lens?

You may have wondered “What is a Wide Angle Lens?

OR “Why are Wide Angle Lenses so expensive”

In the Video above I talk about what a Wide Angle Lens is as well as:

  • Why they can be expensive but not as much as Telephoto Lenses
  • The BEST use of Wide Angle Lenses (you definitely want to watch that part if you were thinking about using them for Portraits).

This video is the *missing Photo Snack #2* for those who saw the earlier posts EASYDSLR Photo Snack #1Canon vs Nikon and Photo Snack #3 Are Bigger Pixels Better?

If you are looking at getting a Good Quality Wide Angle Zoom for a crop sensor Camera (like Canon T5i or Nikon D5300) then I would seriously consider getting a Pro Lens in the range of around 16 – 35mm like:

These are top Quality Lenses and are not cheap but are much more affordable than their f/2.8 “bigger brothers”.

The reality is that most wide angle photos you are likely to be taking will need a lot in focus – meaning a large Depth of Field. This means you will be using narrower Apertures in the range of f/11 to f/22. So the extra cost for f/2.8 will not be justified.

On a Full Frame sensor camera the above lenses will be VERY Wide and I find I use a lens in the 24 – 70mm range more often (24mm on a Full Frame Sensor is fairly WIDE – I explain all this in my Composition Video in my EasyDSLR Course)

So for Full Frame Cameras these are my BEST recommendations (I use the 24-70mm on my Canon 5D Mark III around 60-80% of the time).

You may be interested in doing Video with your DSLR and want that super Narrow Depth of Field but may not be able to afford either of the f/2.8 lenses above – in the next article I will give you a great option for affordable Video lenses that will do the trick and not break the bank.

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