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Hi – Ken here!

I would like to introduce my new (well … first) Managing Editor for I have been wanting to add more useful articles to this website for a while but have found it difficult keeping updates coming. Eric has stepped forward to help with content as Managing Editor – I will let Eric tell you his story below. I know you will find his Photography insight useful and inspiring.

Eric Guggenheim

“I started taking photos as a young boy growing up on Long Beach Island; a small, barrier island off the south coast of New Jersey. My mother worked for The Sandpaper, an island newspaper with a cast of dedicated characters. I would go into work with her often and was immediately drawn to the focused calm of the darkroom and the conversation among the photographers. I took my first photographs with a discarded Nikon EM one of the photographers had on their desk, and learned to develop film and make B&W prints.

I attended Kansas City Art Institute and studied photography and painting, receiving a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in 1996.
Even with this intensive college experience, it wasn’t until I was in my thirties and digital photography began to emerge that my enthusiasm and interest in photography really took hold.  The accessibility, portability, and the immediacy of digital photography untethered me from the darkroom. It changed everything for me.

Although I was gaining a lot of experience with my camera and reading a lot about photography, I just never seemed to be able to focus and assimilate all that I was learning into mastering my craft. I finally realized there was only one solution to my problem: Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!  Stop dipping my toe in the shallow end of the photo pool and dive in already!

So I am embarking on this journey to understand how to master the modern DSLR camera and take better photos, right along with you. I bring my fundamental understanding of photography to the table, but am largely here as your representative! Your personal photography liaison, if you will. Whereas Ken is our professional photographer and teacher, I hope to ask the questions and seek out the solutions that we all face, as we embark on our journey to become better photographers. My goal is to compliment Ken’s lessons by eliminating the frustrations and stumbling blocks that keep us from fully understanding our cameras, and take photos that make our friends ask, “you took that!?”

I’m very excited to be a part of Digital Photo Central and EasyDSLR. Ken and I have been friends for years and share a love for photography. We look forward to working together to develop great ideas and teach fundamental tools to help fellow enthusiasts take better photos right away.”

~Eric Guggenheim

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