Magnolias in Downtown Seattle

Some amazing Magnolias I photographed in Downtown Seattle using a Canon 60D and a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. It was bright sunlight and a regular exposure did not bring out the color in the flowers.Too much lighting contrast and range.

Solution: I took a series of 3 exposures for each photo and used Photomatix Pro to combine the images into single HDR (High Dynamic Range) Images. There is a Video on HDR imaging in the Gold Membership of EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course. HDR can be used with more subtlety to get closer to how we see the moment.

Sometimes it can be fun getting the ‘Other-worldly’ looks using HDR … it can get really crazy and overdone. I’m more of a fan of using HDR to make a scene look more natural – they way we ‘see’ it in our mind.

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