Getting Extraordinary Photos in ordinary scenes

Press Play above to Watch this Video Tutorial.

You can get extraordinary photos in ordinary scenes by:

  1. Finding an interesting Angle and Position
  2. Getting the camera off AUTO by knowing your settings

This short tutorial (which I promised my Facebook fans) gives you an example on how you can start taking amazing photos in fairly mundane environments. I hope you find it helpful.

You just need a little inspiration to ‘look for the shot’ and with some Photography Basics you can transform your DSLR photos from Average to Amazing. My EasyDSLR Course is designed to give you the basics and a bunch of inspiration to go with it.

I am getting more adventurous in how and what I photograph. I have noticed a vast improvement in my photos. Geoff – Gold Member

It’s an Online Digital Photography Course with Video Training to get you taking better photos within the Hour. It’s filled with photo tips and techniques presented in layman’s terms to help get you taking good photos quicker – EasyDSLR Course

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