Florabella Collection Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale

Florabella Collection Black Friday Sale

Click the Image above OR Link below for the Store wide Sale

Florabella Collection is having their ONCE A YEAR SALE. They are also running a Nikon D800 Giveaway – go to the link for details (look at the navigation bar at thee top right for “GIVEAWAY” link)
Visit the Florabella Collection Sale.
Yes, Shana only Discounts her Photoshop Actions Collections once a year (I have been following this and it’s a fact).
If you want to easily Transform some of your Photos into magical masterpieces I don’t know of a simpler way than Florabella Actions. If Photoshop is too expensive, don’t worry, the actions work with Photoshop Elements too (same workflow, less bells and whistles but a lot cheaper). You can have hours of fun trying different effects on your photos and it’s a real joy finding the ‘perfect’ action for each particular photo.
You have three days to get some of your favorite collections or you could wait until next year this time 🙁
Visit the Florabella Collection Sale.

If you don’t know what Florabella Actions can do click here to watch my quick Tutorial Presentation on using the Actions.

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